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Full text of "The Flow Of Gases In Furnaces"

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THIS work was originally published in the Journal of the
Russian Metallurgical Society, in 1911.
During the past six years, a large number of furnaces have been
designed and placed in operation by my pupils, by the technical
bureau .working under my direction, and by myself; but I do
not know of a single instance in which we have met with a failure.
The hydraulic theory of the flow of hot gases has proved to be
correct. This method of establishing the design of furnaces by
computations has given good results and may be followed without
This is not all; the new idea, that of examining each furnace
as a hydraulic recipient or reservoir, has exercised a deep influence
upon the working out of new forms of furnaces. During the last
six years I have worked out a number of new forms of furnaces,
the greater proportion of which have already been controlled by
working experience. There is no doubt that we are on the eve of
a radical change in the technical utilization of the heat generated
by the combustion of fuel.
When the war is over, I hope to publish my work in regard to
the establishment of the design of new types of furnaces. In the
mean time, I limit myself to the following remarks:
During the last few years, it has happened more than once
that a furnace construction thought out by me, solving a problem
placed before me by a client, has proved, after some research,
to have been described in an American patent. This tends to show
that the technique of the United States has approached very close
to the solution of many of the problems connected with the design
of furnaces. With a little more theory, the American engineers
will fully master the science of building furnaces. I am, therefore,
extremely obliged to Mr. A. D. Williams for his offer to translate
this work. I am convinced that it will prove very useful to our
esteemed allies, the Americans.
PETHOGRAD, May, 1917.